In the lead up to ‘Black Friday’ we have been running daily deals for you to enjoy!

Day 10’s Deal is for ‘Live Video’

We pride ourselves on offering a range of digital services and since adding ‘Videography’ to that list a couple of years ago, we have had a lot of interest particularly in live video.

If you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a range of other platforms you’ll know that the future is definitely in video and so what better way to promote your company or event by having a video to get the message across.

So whether you are after a beautiful cinematic B – Roll, stunning close ups or detailed interviews with crisp sound we are happy to help!

Example Prices:

2 minute Event Video – £250 + VAT click here to see what we did for Nantwich Food Festival. 

3 minute Promo Video – £650 + VAT click here to see what we did for Ruskin Community High School, comprehensive package featuring multiple interviews.

If you’d like to find out more about a professional video for your business then please give us a call on 07740-610761 or email

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