As video content continues to dominate digital marketing we thought we’d share some of the most common video production mistakes to help you avoid them in the future.

1️⃣ Trying to cover too many topics in one go

We often come across people who want to stuff everything into one video. The challenge here is that this can confuse and overwhelm your audience, and also ruin the overall flow of the video.

It may be a better option to break the content down into smaller chunks and a series of videos in order to increase engagement in the videos.

2️⃣ The script is too technical

Producing a video starts with drafting a great script. If your videos have to explain a technical product or procedure, this scripting process can be difficult.

With heavily scripted videos the viewer can become overwhelmed by the content and unnatural flow, which leads them to click away from it.

We try to avoid scripts for the people featuring in videos and instead ensure that our interviewer asks the right questions to get natural answers. Having one person dedicated to interviewing puts people at ease and makes you look great on camera and completely at ease.

3️⃣ The graphics are way too flashy

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of producing your blockbuster video, but don’t let the notion of trying to add CGI graphics detract from the content and message in your video. More often that not less is more.

4️⃣ The audio is low quality

This is where we see a lot of areas for improvement. Combining music and audio can transform an average video into an amazing video. The music sets the emotion or mood of your video and the voice then explains the content.

It’s important to keep the music levels lower than you think they should be and increase the volume during gaps in the voiceover.

5️⃣ The audio is out of sync

Viewers expect a minimum standard for the videos that they watch, just a few seconds of out of sync audio is enough for them to click away from your content.

6️⃣ Poorly edited cuts or transitions

This is where professional editing comes into place to understand the right point to cut and transition. You’ll spot this when it feels like the video you’re watching has glitches in it.

7️⃣ The time and pace doesn’t match the content

You might not realise it but the music has a huge role in the way you deliver your message to the audience. If the video has quick, snappy transitions, then you want the pace to quicken in the video, speeding the music up slowly. And of course for slow shots the opposite applies. If this doesn’t happen then it can compromise the integrity of the overall video and you quickly loose the interest of your viewers.

8️⃣ When the editing looks like it’s rushed

We all have tight deadlines to work to but these can cause video producers to rush the editing process. When a video is edited quickly, mistakes happen and small issues get forgotten. Editing is a major part of the video production and must be done right.

These are just a few of the common mistakes we see. Use them as a checklist when choosing your next partner to help you promote your brand professionally.

We work with clients across Cheshire and the North West to produce professional videos that meet your business needs. Videos to help you attract new clients and showcase your products and services. If you’d like to find out more just click here.

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