Video’s are fast becoming the best way to provide social proof of the service a company provides, and here are 3 reasons why businesses need video testimonials:
1.They build an emotional connection – you can hear the facts, but you can also see the authenticity and emotion in the person’s face when you watch a video.
2. They build trust – a good video testimonial helps to bypass any skepticism and immediately build trust, businesses can utilise their happy customers
3. They are more affordable than you might think. Think about how much a newspaper advert used to cost, now you can have a professional testimonial video AND change, to then spend on social media advertising to promote your new videos.

Rhino Safety Limited are a fast growth health and safety consultancy service. Only three years old and already hold a string of award wins thanks to their approach to business.

They approached us to help them capture one of their local clients in a testimonial video after seeing the work we had produced for another client of ours. Working with a Crewe based video company enabled them to know who they were dealing with and made for easy communications and collaboration.

Jane Raynard from Scolaquip hadn’t featured in any videos before but found the who process very relaxed and easy to do, thanks to our down to earth approach, explaining what happens before the shoot and then our unique way of interviewing.

Client testimonials are a great way to provide social proof of the service you provide.

In most cases, people will choose to watch something over reading something – that’s why most people choose to watch TV rather than reading books. Having video on your website makes it much more appealing to the majority of visitors, and of course increases time on your site.

At Bumblebee Digital we work hard to make the process of appearing in a video as easy as possible. Most people comment to say how enjoyable it was for them, and that it was just like having a chat, they didn’t even realise they were being filmed. that’s what makes us different. Then of course we work our editing magic to make people look and sound fantastic to end up with a great video for your business.

What are you waiting for, click here to find out more about using videos in your business.
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