It’s the biggest challenge for small business owners – how to grow your business when you have limited resources.

You’ve worked hard to launch your business, everything is setup and running, but you need to win more customers and you’re on a very tight budget.

As a new startup one resource that you may have in abundance is time.

So how can you make the most of this valuable resource to help to grow your business?

1. Identify your ideal clients and take the time to clearly define your ideal client profile written down. What is the problem that you can solve for them. Don’t think about selling. Think about fixing problems.

2. Join your local Chamber Of Commerce. They won’t grow your business for you but they will provide a number of opportunities for you to meet local businesses. Most Chambers are well connected in your local area and could help you with key introductions to the right people locally. In Crewe we have the South Cheshire Chamber Of Commerce.
3. Identify potential strategic partners. Who can you work with that could lead to potential business opportunities? For example a photographer could offer to work with an events company? Or with their Chamber Of Commerce to showcase their skills at events, then follow up with attendees to share the photos. This would provide a great opportunity to develop new relationships, increase brand awareness and possibly ask for referrals.

4. Embrace social media. Depending on your business and target clients you can select the most appropriate social media platforms to help to showcase your business, share content that is of interest to prospective clients and to develop and nurture relationships. Many people view social media as a broadcast tool but you need to think of it in the same way that you’d approach networking. You wouldn’t walk into a business or networking event and be all “me me me” – instead you’d ask questions listen carefully when others speak and be conversational. Social media is just the same. Interact with others and add value whenever possible.

5. Identify influencers. This could be locally, nationally or internationally. Who are the right people that you need to know in order to grow your business? Over the last 10 years with the rise of social media in particular, it is easier than ever to connect with the right people without having to go through gatekeepers (secretary’s or receptionist’s)

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