How do you meet people in the local area in order to grow your business?

One thing that we do is get heavily involved with the Chamber of Commerce, attending the various events and meetings, sign up to and read the weekly informative newsletter they send out and of course interact with them on social media.

We’ve come across a handful of people who join the Chamber expecting that just by joining they will help them grow their business, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. If like us you started out on a tight budget then you might need to think creatively to increase brand awareness.

Not long after joining we offered to run some social media training workshops for Chamber members, this worked very well, helping the Chamber increase value to other members, the people who attended found the training very useful and put it straight into practice and of course it increased awareness of our business and services.

We don’t have a pushy sales approach, more we think about how we can help people, even if it doesn’t benefit us directly we’ll still try to help the people we meet. We’ve found over time that by helping people when they need it, they come to us when they require the services we offer, or they recommend us to others.

Two projects that we are heavily involved in are and www.chamberstartups.  Why not take a moment to see how you could get involved in either of the Crewe initiatives?

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