Social Media Tips

How to get more
Facebook Page Likes

There’s a huge opportunity to promote your business on your Facebook Page but if you don’t have many likes then you might be missing out.


Social Media Tips

4 ways to get more page likes

One of the biggest challenges I come across with people new to using a Facebook business Page for marketing, is how to grow the audience and getting people to “like” your new Page.

You may have a large network of Facebook Friends or a great number of people in your email network, but if you don’t ask them to like your new Page then they won’t know they need to.

Here are 4 ways to increase your likes:

1 – Use the Invite Friends button:

Find your Facebook page in the mobile app and scroll down to then click on the Invite Friends button. From there you can type in someone’s name, and you can sort by people who belong to groups you are in, by clicking the drop-down menu at the top of the pop-up. You can also just scroll through the list and click the open circle on each one who may be interested who wasn’t already invited.

2 – Share the Page to your personal profile:

On the Facebook mobile app find your page and then on the top right click on the 3 dots, click Share and then it creates a post that would go to your personal timeline, or to a group.

Then you could post with a caption such as, “I’d love share my new Facebook Page! I’ll be sharing some great tips, advice and news on a regular basis. Like my Share Facebook Page to Timeline page so you don’t miss out” or something similar to that.

I find this can be useful to do on an infrequent basis (once every couple of months) just in case some of the personal invitations weren’t seen.

3 – Email your friends and contacts:

Despite all the rumours that email is dead, you still have a lot of people who open your email, so make the most and share your business Facebook page with people you know by email.

You’d be surprised how often people tell me they don’t see the Facebook invitations, but they will open an email from you. We’re not advising you to start spamming your network but some well written emails might get you some key extra likes on your page.

On mobile go to your page in the app, click on the three dots at the top right and then scroll to copy link, you can then paste this into your emails.

4 – Pay to promote:

Last but not least it’s worth testing paid adverts,  you could pay a small amount to do a “Promote Page” campaign that puts a sponsored ad in the news feed of either a targeted demographic or your own list.

The simplest option is to click on the Promote button. You also can go to the Ads Manager on the left sidebar of Facebook’s home page and look at options for promoting Page Likes.

The numbers – 2018

As the biggest social media platform it makes sense to promote your business here. More and more business owners win new clients every day as a result of their Facebook Page. Just in case you had any doubt here are a few stats to give you an idea of the opportunity.

Daily Users


Access on mobile

Business Pages

Av. times accessed a day

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