Ever wondered how to view a LinkedIn profile without them knowing? Here’s how to browse in LinkedIn in Private Mode and anonymise your viewing data.

If you’re a regular user of LinkedIn then you’ll probably like the feature of knowing who has viewed your LinkedIn profile and occasionally you’ll notice someone has viewed you anonymously. If you’ve ever wondered how to do it, we explain the simple steps on both the desktop version and how to do it on the mobile app.

Desktop – How to privately browse on LinkedIn

  • Log into LinkedIn in a desktop browser
  • Tap the downward triangle under the Me tab in the top bar
  • Select Settings & Privacy
  • Select the Privacy tab
  • Scroll down to the How others see your LinkedIn activity section
  • Click Change next to Profile viewing options
  • Tick the box for Private mode or Private profile characteristics

Or if you use the mobile app

  • Open the LinkedIn app
  • Click the home tab at the bottom
  • Tap on your profile picture top left
  • Then tap on the gear wheel top right
  • Select Privacy, then Profile Viewing Options
  • Choose the privacy option you prefer and it’s done
  • Then remember to undo it when you finish

This might be useful for when you want to view some of your competitors without them knowing, or maybe you need to remove some of your contacts but don’t want to make it too obvious that you’ve just viewed their profile then removed them.

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