Marketing Services For Schools

We have a wealth of experience working with both schools and colleges and fully understand the need for schools to find competitive suppliers who understand the education sector. Now more than ever with budgets shrinking and resources tighter than ever schools need partners who are able to understand the requirements very quickly and deliver results without continual meetings and client input.

Social Media Marketing

We work with you to maximise social media to help increase student numbers, manage your reputation or to improve parent communication and engagement.

Video Marketing

We offer a range of video services from a full promotional video showcasing your school, the students, staff and facilities, to simple video interviews or event promotion clips, we can help you engage with your audience in the fastest growing medium available right now.


Prospectus Design

We provide a complete prospectus service including photography, copywriting, design and printing – everything that you need for your new school brochure.


Complementing our social media and video services, we try to make life as easy as possible capturing photos at events to help with promotion or celebrations.

Imagine having the benefit of a graphic designer, photographer, videographer and social media experts for less than the cost of just one person. A team that can support your organisation 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. No need to worry about sickness or holiday cover, our team can take care of it all.

We’ve helped a number of schools in Cheshire and have a good understanding of social media marketing for schools to support Parent Communication and New Student Attraction, we helped one high school in taking year 7 numbers from 85, to 160 students over a 3 year period. We offer clients fixed prices for all that we do, ensuring that there are never any surprises and include amends within our fees. Based on client feedback to date we know we offer very competitive pricing and excellent service.

What can we offer? Social media marketing – we can manage everything for you, or collaborate with your existing team. With a lot of experience in managing social media and managing social media for schools and colleges we know what works and of course what your audience is interested in. More than ever the images/videos that go with your social media posts make the difference to what you share and how many people actually see and respond to your posts.

Graphic Design – visual images can transform your marketing, we make it very easy for you with our in-house team to provide just what you’re looking for, at the right time, at the right price.

Video marketing – we offer both live filming and animated videos to give you a variety of creative content to stand out from the crowd. Video can be used for so much, from a school promotional video to complement your prospectus, to event promotion, video tour of your facilities, to a recap of an event, the list really is endless and more affordable than ever before.

Photography services – make the most of school events and capture it to share on your website and social media, helping everyone to see what your school has to offer for students, parents and the wider community.

We can’t list all that we can offer, so please get in touch by emailing

Schools Are Businesses

We understand that in today’s market a school needs to run like a business and we have the experience and expertise to help you.

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