Over the last couple of months we’ve opened our office up to help an exciting new startup business and thought we’d share a few thoughts with everyone. 

  1. First of all having new people in the office has created even more of a buzz. Particularly as the team from The Bulb are all Italian – we’ve been treated to lovely freshly brewed Italian coffee each day. (We’ve returned the favour in a very English way with both Yorkshire and Cheshire Tea). There’s something really exciting about working with startups. 
  2. We’re learning new things and are being challenged as they develop. 
  3. It’s good to give. We’re embracing “pay it forward” by helping the guys at The Bulb we know we’re doing good, and they will have a BIG impact on startups once their business gets momentum. 
  4. We’re developing our mentoring skills to help, guide and hopefully accelerate their success. 
  5. As well as helping we’re also learning. They have lots to give and we’re learning from them. It’s great to work with exciting minds in a tech startup, you never know what you might learn when you start out but that’s part of the adventure. 
  6. It was an easy decision to open our doors to offer free office space and is definitly somethjng that we’d consider for others. 

Who do you know that’s starting out in business that could do with some help?

Can you help in some way? Providing a place to work can be a real boost to a small business and you get a lot back in return. 

Or maybe you know a new startup that needs some help? We’d certainly meet them for a chat to see if there’s any way that we can help. 

One final thought: How many businesses could our established businesses nurture that in turn will create jobs and have a positive impact on our local communities? 

For many startups the cost of an office is a big commitment, by offering a free desk or two you could have a massive impact on a new venture and someone’s dream. 

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