We’ve been involved with the Crewe Pledge from day one, and are were very proud to sign up at the launch event on 27th March 2015.

Jamie siging crewe pledge

Having never worked for a company that recruited school leavers in my 20 year career working for others, I was keen to give something back as soon as I started up my own business. Within a few months of starting up I set about finding out how to take on an apprentice to train up whilst the business was growing.

Getting involved in the Crewe Pledge has helped us to get a better understanding of the challenges facing young people and schools and colleges. As we recover from recession there has never been a better time for business and education establishments to work closer together. As I see it there is a perfect opportunity for everyone to benefit, most importantly the young people in our local communities.

We all needed to gain work experience at some point, why not get involved in the Crewe Pledge and help provide that vital experience to someone at school or college? The energy that young people can bring to your business may be just what you need to challenge you or your team, and they certainly have a lot to offer.

As well as being involved in a number of local projects, we helped out 3 students from South Cheshire College with work experience a few weeks ago and are about to recruit our 3rd young apprentice taking our percentage of employees under 25 to 60percent.

Can you get involved in some way? Visit www.thecrewepledge.co.uk

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