We’re only a young startup ourselves and still remember exactly what it’s like when you make that bold decision to start out on your own.

To celebrate 2 years of Bumblebee Digital we’ve a brilliant offer for anyone setting up a new business, we’ve tried to include all that someone might need to get going and promote their new venture.

Assuming you’ve already thought of your name then we’re eager to create your logo to begin to brand your business, this helps us create those still so important business cards to help you connect with potential clients as soon as you venture out into the world. Of course we understand that there’s no point printing any cards without first having the website ready to add to your business cards.

A website adds credibility to your venture, and gives potential clients somewhere to check out just what it is you do, to find out more about specific services and well, just to give them peace of mind that you’re not some fly by night fraudster.

To add some extra buzz to your marketing we’re also throwing in an animated promotional video to help you stand out from the crowd, after all you don’t just want to be like everybody else with your business you want to be different, to show everyone that you’re leading the way and have the resources to embrace the latest marketing trends in order to promote your business.

We can do all of this for only £495 including vat, and we make an awesome brew to help with the brainstorming sessions when you pop in to our office.

  • Logo design – supply to you in all file formats that you’ll need in future
  • Design and print 250 double sided business cards on 350gsm matt laminated card
  • Design and build 3 page professional business website including domain purchase and 1 years hosting
  • Create 30-60second animated promotional video to explain just what your business offers

Of course if you need some help in setting up your social media accounts we can sort all that out including any graphic design in keeping with your new brand as well.

So if you or someone you know are ready to launch a new business then we would love to help you. Give Jamie a call on 07740-610761 or email jamie@bumblebeedigital.co.uk.

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