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Scrapyard Salon

Produce 3 promotional videos for the salon and photography to capture the heart and soul of the team & their services for use on social media.


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Video Marketing

Our Creative Process

After producing hundreds of videos we’ve developed a smooth process to ensure we capture the needs of our clients in the videos that we produce.

We apply a creative approach to visual marketing & communications to help you achieve more with your digital marketing, on your website and on social media.


We work with you to identify your key messages – this helps us in creating a blueprint for your project to ensure we meet all your objectives.


Once we’ve captured all the right footage, we work our post-production magic – using industry-leading tools – to create graphics, animations and a professionally colour-graded edit to ensure your video shines.


All our videos benefit from our use of high-end production values; quality HD cameras together with professional lighting, microphones and accessories.


Once we complete your video project, we supply you with the right file formats to ensure you have everything you need for your website, social media and YouTube channel.

Right First Time

After following our 5 step video production process working with Cathy and the team, we ensured that our first video was exactly what they were looking for.

With the advances in technology over the last decade video costs have tumbled, combined with the ease of distributing content via your own marketing channels isn’t it time for you to embrace video?

At Bumblebee Digital, our no-jargon approach ensures we’re always upfront about our video production prices because we’re so confident in the value we can add to your business.

Our all-inclusive packages mean your budget is fixed from the start – it will only change if you change your brief.

The complexity of your initial brief for your video production has a direct impact on the price which is determined by four factors;

  • the amount of filming time
  • the total amount of production time
  • the geography of your filming locations
  • the use of any special production components like animation, actors, voiceover artists or presenters

Scrapyard Salon

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