Are you ready to make social media work for your business? Our bespoke social media courses will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to maximise your social media efforts, they run from our Crewe office or they can be bespoke at your business premises.

We begin with the simple basics of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram through to the more advanced methods of monitoring and insight, we’ll show you how social media works, why it’s so important and what you can do to embrace it, get the results you desire and enjoy it.

Social media can be complex but it is also one of the most exciting, fast paced and rewarding areas of digital communications. Our introductory and advanced courses have been designed to help you understand the world of social media better and will be led by one of our Social Media team.

Book onto one of our courses today and let us help you realise the enormous potential social media can offer your business, each course is limited to a maximum of 10 attendees to ensure you have the opportunity to focus on your business and get involved in the workshop sessions, these are often the most rewarding parts of the training where everyone helps each other and is what makes a classroom course so much more valuable than an online course.

Our half day classroom based courses run for our Crewe office at South Cheshire College and are only £95 and give you everything you need to move get going right from your chair before you even leave the building. Attendees are also offered a free profile photo to enhance your personal brand across all social media platforms.

Introductory Social Media Training

Our Introductory Social Media course is perfect if you want to learn how to use social media for business. You might be a business owner, in a marketing or PR role or currently not doing any social media activity and want to learn best practice.

During the course we’ll help you understand the ever changing world of social media and take an interactive, hands-on look at your business needs. We’ll introduce the most popular channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share with you tips on how to avoid common mistakes.

By the end of the course you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to help you create and then implement your own bespoke social media plan.

Course overview:

  • What is social media
  • Defining your goals and objectives
  • Identifying the right social media platforms for your business
  • Social Media best practice
  • All you need to know to get going on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Tools to use to maximise your time and effort
  • Putting together your bespoke social media strategy

Advanced Social Media Training

This course has been designed for people who are already using social media in their business and understand the basic platforms and how they work, but now need help to increase the results for their business. How to make the most of tools to save time and how to create a content plan to ensure you are never short of engaging content for your audience.

We’ll cover, how to deal with negative mentions, analytics and tools to help improve your activity, content creation tools and techniques

This course will empower you with a broader knowledge and understanding of social media and so help you develop your own advanced strategy and measure the success of your social activity.

Course overview:

  • Brief overview of social media platforms
  • Recap of the latest developments on the main social media platforms
  • Tools to help content creation and distribution
  • Advanced content creation strategies
  • Monitoring your social media activity
  • Dealing with negativity
  • Setting up a crisis response plan
  • Creating your new social media strategy

Places are limited on our courses so please book now to avoid disappointment either click on the link here or email


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