We’re already halfway through the year, the longest day has passed and it’s time to re-focus on your business goals. We thought it might be useful to share 9 tips to boost your business.

  1. Start Blogging – a low-cost but effective way to get your message across to your audience. This is a great way to create content for social media (think LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) to drive traffic back to your website. What tips, how to’s or thoughts could you share? Don’t be put off by the phrase blogging, think news updates for your website.
  2. Create Videos – this is fast becoming the mainstream format for online content. It’s easier than ever to create video content, we work with a lot of clients to create professional videos for use on websites and social media.
  3. Attend Events – another great way to meet new people and raise your profile. Don’t just wait for the event, promote that you’re attending, use event hashtags on social media, then share posts at the event and write a blog post after the event. Pop up banners are a low cost and effective way to promote your business, and make great backdrops for any photos. We produce a lot of banners for our clients.
  4. Boost Your Social Media – is your social media looking a little flat? Inject a little life into it with a fresh view. We work with a lot of clients to either manage their content and bring a little more creativity to it, or book in for one of our bespoke planning sessions where we will help you to put a new content plan together for your team to implement.
  5. Team Up – Who could you collaborate with to help target a new audience?
  6. Network – there are a lot of free networking events that you can find either through Google or via your local Chamber of Commerce. We’re members of South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and Sandbach BNI, BNI offers a very structured way to grow your network and benefit from the member’s weekly activity to help you find the leads you’re looking for.
  7. Offer Something Special. Who doesn’t love a bargain or special offer? What could you do to create some interest in your products or services?
  8. Support Local Charities – giving back is a great way to get to know new people and do some good at the same time. We have supported a number of local organisations including Motherwell, St Pauls Centre and Swans. All have mentioned us or thanks us for the work that we’ve helped with.
  9. Refresh Your Website – adding new images and videos to your website can really make a difference, if you have a WordPress website it’s easier than ever to give it a complete makeover. We carry out a lot of work for clients to give their website a refresh and provide visitors with new content when they return to the website.

If you’re a Cheshire based business why not pop into our Crewe studio based at South Cheshire College for a tea or coffee and brainstorm some ideas on how we could help revitalise or kick start your marketing just email jamie@bumblebeedigital.co.uk.

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